ARCO Permian
600 N Marienfeld
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Midland, TX 79701
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Introduction to ARCO
Hybrid Concept

The coyote is an animal indigenous to the Permian Basin. It is known for its cunning and its ability to not only survive but to thrive under adverse conditions.

These characteristics make the coyote a fitting symbol for ARCO Permian's workforce. Success in the oil and gas business today depends upon the ability to move quickly, adapt endlessly and take risks fearlessly. We seek employees that embrace these traits, and who understand that personal success and the success of the company are closely intertwined.

Another trait of the coyote is its ability to hunt in a pack. This is symbolic of the importance of teamwork as a strategy to out-perform the competition. ARCO Permian employs multi-disciplined teams, both on an ongoing and a special projects basis, to ensure that all aspects of an opportunity are appropriately evaluated.

Finally, even the legendary tendency of the coyote to howl at the moon has direct application to our culture. All employees are expected to "howl" at the sight of inefficiency, bureaucracy or things that just don't seem to make sense in light of ARCO Permian's goals. Along with the freedom to howl, we also have the responsibility to suggest how those situations might be remedied, and be willing to be a part of fixing the problem if appropriate.

The success of ARCO Permian since its inception proves that the adoption of the "Coyote Culture" is more than just a symbolic gesture. It works!