Cruel Nature

It’s a tough world out there, and sometimes your best efforts to cope with it can backfire.

Swimming with Sharks

Peter Benchley’s death stimulates a memory of a shark encounter.

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Creature Faceoff

I suppose I have a thing for mantids. In my defense, they’re the T-Rexes of the insect world, only greener. How can you not be fascinated by them? Plus, they’re quite photogenic. Late yesterday afternoon, I spied a praying mantis resting on a plastic stool on the patio. As I turned to go back inside,… Continue reading Creature Faceoff

Wildlife in West Texas

I don’t think I’ve yet shared with you some photos from a camping trip to Fort Davis, Texas. I had almost forgotten about them, as they are about six years old, but they came to mind for some reason over the weekend and I tracked them down. We were staying in my parents’ trailer at… Continue reading Wildlife in West Texas

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