Scoreboard: Raccoons – 2, Me – 2

Alert Gazette readers will recall that I was feeling pretty triumphant after the capture of not one, but two marauding raccoons who had been brutalizing our lawn. I’ll admit that I was sure the human race could be proud of the way I was representing it in the mammalian biped-vs-quadruped battle. Alas, pride goeth before… Continue reading Scoreboard: Raccoons – 2, Me – 2

Armadillo by Morning

Note: For reasons to be revealed later, you didn’t see this post. In fact, once you’re finished here, please extract your memory and destroy it, Mission Impossible-style. Thanks for your cooperation. Note 2: I conceived the title for this post when I briefly woke in the middle of the night, one of the few times… Continue reading Armadillo by Morning