Fire Ant Sightings

It’s time once again for the ultimate in blogging narcissism: Fire Ant Sightings from around the globe!
First up, we have that lovable duo, Molly and Colin, who spared no expense in having the accessories for their wedding reception, which took place in Baltimore, done in a tasteful Fire Ant motif:

Photo of Fire Ant Gazette cocktail napkin

Molly and Colin are members of the Washington Improv Theater, which explains how Colin manages to appear marginally interested in the proceedings when, in reality, he’s thinking “I’m delaying my honeymoon for this?” But, really, when you have penguins in your wedding, what harm comes from also including a Fire Ant?

Then, a thousand miles or so to the west, I attended not one but two family reunions in lovely Denton, Texas (that definition of “loveliness” must be adjusted to consider the fact that it was Texas/OU Weekend [or OU/Texas Weekend, depending on your nationality] [or The Worst Weekend Ever To Come Within A Hundred Miles Of The Metroplex, depending on your level of patience]). At one of them, on my dad’s side of the family, I encountered not one, but two Fire Ant aficionados:

Photo of my aunts holding a Gazette coffee mug

Those lovely ladies are Sally (on the left) and Alice, who I’m proud to claim as my aunts. (Does that make them Fire Aunts?) Alice is actually the owner of the coffee mug; Sally has one, but is still doing penance for appearing at a family gathering without it. That sign she’s making with her right hand is not evidence that she’s an old hippie (as far as I know, anyway), but is sibling rivalry code for “I have one, too!” Observant observers will observe that Alice is wearing her Kansas Jayhawks t-shirt; she has a grandson who is a starter on the undefeated KU football team. I have no idea about the significance of the number “81.”

You, too, can gain untold fame and glory by submitting a photo of yourself and Official Fire Ant Gazette Merchandise, preferably the kind that you paid for, but, as you saw with Colin and Molly, our standards are fairly lax.