Neighborhood Nature (Pt. 13)

We’ve noticed some weird insect-related stuff going on around here. First, in the adjacent vacant lot to the west there’s a plethora of these little mud tubes. They’re hollow and they crumble to dust between your fingers, but they obviously once housed a living…something. These are the work of agricultural termites (also sometimes called desert… Continue reading Neighborhood Nature (Pt. 13)

San Antonio Travelogue

I’m sitting in front of my monitor wondering if trying to document a recent getaway to San Antonio while in a COVID-induced brain fog is a good idea. But at least this time I have an excuse for any weirdness that you read. Also, be forewarned…this is a loooonnngg post. After all, I have nothing… Continue reading San Antonio Travelogue

Random Thursday: The Non-Wildlife Edition

Why, hello there, good looking! Today is Be Someone Day, and I was totally prepared to make some lame jokes about it until I broke with tradition and researched it and found that it’s a day to think about how to make a positive difference in a child’s life…and, more specifically, to commit to reporting… Continue reading Random Thursday: The Non-Wildlife Edition

Catching Up

Hey, there! It’s been a while since we’ve met on these pages; much has happened since our Great Porcupine Encounter that has distracted me from doing any thinking, much less writing. About a week ago, I entered my septuagenarian experience with a whimper, not a bang, experiencing a series of health challenges which are continuing… Continue reading Catching Up