Random Thursday: The “Words Are Fun” Edition

There once was a girl from a drag stripWhose ragtop was loathe to upshiftBut her bench seat was mind-bendingAnd her lap belt anti-stickingSo her capri pants were prone to a downtick. I suppose you’ve guessed that today is National Limerick Day. And I’m quite confident that my original composition will never make the limerick hall… Continue reading Random Thursday: The “Words Are Fun” Edition

Saving Sonora

The patient is in critical condition, surrounded by medical professionals who are frantically working in uncharted territory. The patient, just four years of age, has something in her bloodstream that is preventing it from clotting. The medical team knows what it is, but the patient’s unique characteristics are posing a challenge as to the right… Continue reading Saving Sonora

Team Up to Mess Up

Alert Gazette readers will recall that many (most? all?) of my DIY projects either end up badly, or at best take a distressing turn somewhere in the process, requiring a significant recalibration and/or assessment of just exactly why I thought I was competent to achieve the task at hand in the first place. (For proof,… Continue reading Team Up to Mess Up

Random Thursday: Remembrances of Futures Past

Howdy, y’all. I see that it’s been awhile since there was anything new on this blog-like thing, and you can either thank me or accept my apology, depending on your perspective. Anyway, today is National Great Poetry Reading Day, and in recognition of this hallowed event, I present the following in honor of Joyce Kilmer,… Continue reading Random Thursday: Remembrances of Futures Past

Random Thursday

Hola, amigos. Today is International Laverbread Day; choose your carbs wisely. It’s also National Ex-Spouse Day, a day in which you can either make nice with your ex, or, in the alternative, treat them to some delicious laverbread. But enough about algae-based foodstuffs. We’ve got some really meaty topics to cover today. Don’t Be This… Continue reading Random Thursday