I’m too lazy to type “Random Thursday — The Friday Edition”…or am I? It’s been a while since we’ve done a Wandering The Web post, so this will ultimately turn into one, but first — some local weather-related updates. Five days ago, as alert Gazette readers no doubt recall, I informed the world that Pecan… Continue reading R.T.T.F.E.

Random Thursday: The Exaggerated Death Reports Edition

I’m baaaaacccckkkkk! I started to ask you to raise your hand if you went through the five stages of grief when you discovered the Gazette was offline and possibly deceased, but then I realized that the response would probably send me down the path of those five stages all over again. You might think that… Continue reading Random Thursday: The Exaggerated Death Reports Edition

My Dad’s Collection: Glass Insulators

Warning (Nerd Alert): This post careens pretty far into the weeds on a rather obscure topic. Perhaps its saving grace is some pretty pictures. My dad was a dedicated collector of…everything. He had copious quantities of stamps (we’re talking thousands) and coins (a hernia-inducing amount, to be exact). He, along with my mom, “invested” in… Continue reading My Dad’s Collection: Glass Insulators

Fort Stockton High School Band (1967-1968)

This is the second in a series of four posts spotlighting music from the Fort Stockton (Texas) “Pride of Pantherland” High School band. [Jump to: 1966-1967 | 1968-1969  | 1969-1970] These posts will span the school years from 1966-67 through 1969-70, corresponding to the time yours truly (and MLB) spent in the band. I’m doing this as… Continue reading Fort Stockton High School Band (1967-1968)

We’re gonna browse (and recruit) like it’s 1996

Travel back in time with me, if you will, to the year 1996, and contemplate the state of technology two decades ago. In 1996, just 20 million American adults had access to the Internet, about as many as subscribe to satellite radio today. The dot-com boom had already begun on Wall Street–Netscape went public in… Continue reading We’re gonna browse (and recruit) like it’s 1996

An Internet Pioneer: Me

Depending on usage, the Internet has the potential to become a wonderfully effective business tool, or a troublesome diversion of time and resources. The preceding quote – which today would likely be subject to an editorial “duh” – was lifted from a position paper dated December 14, 1994, authored by yours truly. I ran across… Continue reading An Internet Pioneer: Me