Random Thursday: The Exaggerated Death Reports Edition

I’m baaaaacccckkkkk! I started to ask you to raise your hand if you went through the five stages of grief when you discovered the Gazette was offline and possibly deceased, but then I realized that the response would probably send me down the path of those five stages all over again. You might think that… Continue reading Random Thursday: The Exaggerated Death Reports Edition

Political endorsements by newspapers do serve a purpose

Today’s editorial in our local newspaper notifies readers that the publication will no longer issue endorsements for political candidates, ending what I assume is a decades-long practice that still exists at many – if not most – print media. [The practice of political endorsements by newspapers goes back more than 150 years, according to this… Continue reading Political endorsements by newspapers do serve a purpose

“Occupy Wall Street” has local impact

Our financial advisor is a fellow named Jim Cosner. Jim has impressed us over the years with his business acumen (our portfolio has done almost embarrassingly well during these, um, difficult times), integrity, and unflagging optimism. We meet about once a quarter to talk things over, get his take on what might be on the… Continue reading “Occupy Wall Street” has local impact

Random Weinergate Observations

Some random thoughts – serious and not-so – about “Weinergate,” the latest example of how skillful a politician can be in shooting his own foot. If only Rep. Anthony Weiner were so competent as a leader. The seductiveness of the internet to cause one to do stupid things cannot be overstated. It’s worse than alcohol… Continue reading Random Weinergate Observations

Measuring “Religious Knowledge”

Remember my mild rant about the lack of critical thinking skills among students? It’s not just students who are falling short in this area; some newspaper reporters appear to be challenged in this regard. Here’s a quote from a story in the Los Angeles Times about the results of this survey (link to a PDF… Continue reading Measuring “Religious Knowledge”

“That’s Oil, Folks!”

I pretty much gave up on Texas Monthly years ago, when Molly Ivins exemplified the magazine’s left-staggering slant on, well, just about everything. (Plus, they were rarely charitable toward my beloved Aggies, and way too benevolent toward our arch-rival, Whose Name Shall Not Be Mentioned.) The downside of that decision, however, is that I miss… Continue reading “That’s Oil, Folks!”

We’re officially through the looking glass

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Obama administration is going to make BP “pay salaries of oil-services workers who lose their jobs as a result of the spill.” This follows on the heels of Obama’s interview with NBC’s Matt Laurer this morning in which the Butt Kicker-in-Chief got all businesslike and stern, and used the… Continue reading We’re officially through the looking glass