Random Thursday: Remembrances of Futures Past

Howdy, y’all. I see that it’s been awhile since there was anything new on this blog-like thing, and you can either thank me or accept my apology, depending on your perspective. Anyway, today is National Great Poetry Reading Day, and in recognition of this hallowed event, I present the following in honor of Joyce Kilmer,… Continue reading Random Thursday: Remembrances of Futures Past

Random Thursday: The Meme Edition

meme/mēm/ noun an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation. A crutch used by lazy, non-creative bloggers who are unable to come up with any original content.

Dueling Bozos [A working title] (Ha! More like a shirking title, amirite?)

Editor’s Note: The following is the kind of hard-hitting, insightful reportage that the Gazette is known for. You, our faithful reader, can count on our commitment to continue to strive to meet the highest of journalistic and bloggeristic standards in order to enhance your quality of life via our expert professionalism and — uh, what’s… Continue reading Dueling Bozos [A working title] (Ha! More like a shirking title, amirite?)

Random Thursday: Shambling into a new year

Hello, America. It’s the first Thursday of 2022, and this is the year that I’m finally going to get serious about my journalistic responsibilities. Of course, that will have no effect on this website. As I’m sure you all know, today is National Cuddle Up Day, which sounds quite inviting, only it’s also National Bean… Continue reading Random Thursday: Shambling into a new year

Ask Me Anything: I answer your burning questions

A week or so ago, while wandering through the Desert of Lost Creativity, I stumbled onto the idea of doing an AMA post. I solicited questions via Faceborg and this here blog-like thing, and promised to consider answering them. Some of y’all joined in, and in keeping with the ongoing theme of the Gazette, threw… Continue reading Ask Me Anything: I answer your burning questions

Got Ticks?

We’ve had a lot of rain recently here in the Texas Hill Country, and the combination of rain and warmer weather has brought on a seasonal nuisance in the form of ticks. And, apparently, we Texans have plenty of company in that regard.  Last week, NBC’s The Today Show ran a segment on dealing with… Continue reading Got Ticks?

Dream Sequence

It’s an indisputable fact that the most boring thing one can bring to a conversation is a detailed description of one’s dream. Sure, that dream sequence involving Scarlett Johansson, a badger, and a NutriBullet smoothie machine created a permanent new neural pathway on your brain, but even your most fevered and fervent description of that… Continue reading Dream Sequence

Goose and Gander Grievance

Just playing around with some new software. Well, it’s not actually new new; it’s an upgrade from a version I bought in 2005, back when they were coding applications (the word “apps” had not yet been invented, even as it applied to chips and salsa at Chili’s) with hammer and chisel. I had a powerful… Continue reading Goose and Gander Grievance