Random Thursday: The Pictures Edition

Hey, fellow earthlings and others…happy Thursday. Today is National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day, but it’s also National Reptile Awareness Day, and wouldn’t you know it — there are a couple of snake photos at the bottom of this post (following the grapefruit-looking mushroom pictures). So, here’s your mashed-up warning sign (aren’t I clever?): I do have… Continue reading Random Thursday: The Pictures Edition

My Eagerly Awaited Return to Sailboarding, -or- “Blown Away”

Note: As I was typing the title of this post, I began to doubt that I actually knew how to spell “eager,” because it looked weird. In my defense, we just got a new Nespresso machine and I’m trying out a fortissio lungo, which is Italian for “guaranteed to make you not sleep for two… Continue reading My Eagerly Awaited Return to Sailboarding, -or- “Blown Away”

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I can’t stop watching this…

Johnny Football being Johnny Football. Yes, I made this myself. No, don’t worship me. I’m just a regular guy.

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Two Things: HaloRig / Flyboard

Our Two Things spotlight today focuses on a couple of “add-on” products, things that make other things work better, or at least differently. HaloRig: Video Stabilizer Anyone who’s tried to shoot video with a small digital camcorder, point-and-shoot camera, or phone knows how hard it is to keep the dang thang steady. The form factor… Continue reading Two Things: HaloRig / Flyboard

You Ninja, Yu

Scott Chaffin is one of my blogger heroes; The Fat Guy would be on my list of Blogs I’d Pick If Stranded On A Farm-to-Market Road Between Quitaque and Turkey (that’s in Texas, ya’ll). He writes with a deceptive country-boy self-deprecation that completely fails to obscure a wicked wit, sharp intellect, and laser-focused insight. He… Continue reading You Ninja, Yu