Random Thursday: The Pictures Edition

Hey, fellow earthlings and others…happy Thursday. Today is National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day, but it’s also National Reptile Awareness Day, and wouldn’t you know it — there are a couple of snake photos at the bottom of this post (following the grapefruit-looking mushroom pictures). So, here’s your mashed-up warning sign (aren’t I clever?): I do have… Continue reading Random Thursday: The Pictures Edition

Vinyl Ripping (Bonus: Remember the Southwest Conference?)

One of my VIRPs (Very Important Retirement Projects) is digitizing my vinyl LPs. I don’t have room in our media cabinet for a turntable and there’s no point in storing albums that will never be listened to in their original format, so I’m converting them to AIFF files and importing them to iTunes. They still… Continue reading Vinyl Ripping (Bonus: Remember the Southwest Conference?)

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I can’t stop watching this…

Johnny Football being Johnny Football. Yes, I made this myself. No, don’t worship me. I’m just a regular guy.

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You Ninja, Yu

Scott Chaffin is one of my blogger heroes; The Fat Guy would be on my list of Blogs I’d Pick If Stranded On A Farm-to-Market Road Between Quitaque and Turkey (that’s in Texas, ya’ll). He writes with a deceptive country-boy self-deprecation that completely fails to obscure a wicked wit, sharp intellect, and laser-focused insight. He… Continue reading You Ninja, Yu

Two Vids for the Weekend

Why is it that the Japanese excel at sword fighting? Perhaps they’ve had more practice, or perhaps they see it not just as a battle technique, but as an art form. Exhibit A: [Link via Neatorama] Then there’s this kind of art form, the kind that either makes you want to grab a board and… Continue reading Two Vids for the Weekend