Two Things: HaloRig / Flyboard

Our Two Things spotlight today focuses on a couple of “add-on” products, things that make other things work better, or at least differently. HaloRig: Video Stabilizer Anyone who’s tried to shoot video with a small digital camcorder, point-and-shoot camera, or phone knows how hard it is to keep the dang thang steady. The form factor… Continue reading Two Things: HaloRig / Flyboard

You Ninja, Yu

Scott Chaffin is one of my blogger heroes; The Fat Guy would be on my list of Blogs I’d Pick If Stranded On A Farm-to-Market Road Between Quitaque and Turkey (that’s in Texas, ya’ll). He writes with a deceptive country-boy self-deprecation that completely fails to obscure a wicked wit, sharp intellect, and laser-focused insight. He… Continue reading You Ninja, Yu

Two Vids for the Weekend

Why is it that the Japanese excel at sword fighting? Perhaps they’ve had more practice, or perhaps they see it not just as a battle technique, but as an art form. Exhibit A: [Link via Neatorama] Then there’s this kind of art form, the kind that either makes you want to grab a board and… Continue reading Two Vids for the Weekend

Super Bowl: Fourth Quarter

OK, maybe concerned that you might be caught in the celebration. Green Bay wins the big one. OK, maybe just a little angsty. If you’re a Bayou Verde fan, you should be very, very worried right about now. “Desert and Mirrors and Teacher” – Camaro: Love the car more than the ad. Ant Rating: “I… Continue reading Super Bowl: Fourth Quarter

Super Bowl: Third Quarter

So much for a quick-moving quarter. *yawn* Oh, the most exciting play in professional football: a challenge from the sideline! The best thing about the third quarter is that it’s passed quickly. “Eminem in Detroit” – Chrysler: Inspiring? Uh, how ’bout insipid? Inscrutable? Ant Rating: “Funky Bistro with Adrian what’s-his-face” – Stella Artois: Singing to… Continue reading Super Bowl: Third Quarter

Super Bowl: Second Quarter

See you after the big halftime show, featuring the English Peas, or some other vegetable. Your dedicated correspondent just had a boiled shrimp snack and it was awful. That is all. And the Pottsville Feelers draw within a hat-trick. Could be a game after all. Big Ben done got his bell rung. Green Bay loses… Continue reading Super Bowl: Second Quarter

Super Bowl: First Quarter

“Eminem” – Lipton Tea: Uh, OK… Ant Rating: Cowboys and Aliens? Count me in! “Everybody wants one” – Kia Optima:  Just for the special FX Ant Rating: “Cool guys befriend dork” – Pepsi Max: Shot to the crotch. Very original, Pepsi. Go sit over there by Bud Light and consider your sins. Ant Rating: “Resurrected… Continue reading Super Bowl: First Quarter

Super Bowl Live-Blogging: The Pre-Game Show

Has Christina ever sung this song before? That was, well, pretty bad, overall. I guess there’s nothing wrong with it, but those guys do realize that they don’t have to put their caps over their hearts when they sing “America the Beautiful,” don’t they? Big roar from the crowd when George and Laura appeared on… Continue reading Super Bowl Live-Blogging: The Pre-Game Show