Random Thursday: The SOTW Edition

So, I’m sure you’re reading this on a day later than Thursday. But I started this post ON a Thursday, so technically this is a legitimate Random Thursday post. That’s what we in the trade call “poetic license.” Or “lying.” I often get them confused. Anyway, whenever you read “today,” just pretend it’s Thursday, March… Continue reading Random Thursday: The SOTW Edition

USAF/USMC Viet Nam-Era Recruiting “Infomercials”

Before we get started, take a listen to this (length – 39 sec): Your browser does not support the audio element. I’ve probably mentioned this before but I worked as a DJ at a small AM radio station in West Texas during my high school and early college years. That was back in the late… Continue reading USAF/USMC Viet Nam-Era Recruiting “Infomercials”

Customizing QR Codes

So, what’s this? Being the perceptive reader I know you to be, you instantly recognize this as a QR Code…sort of. Go ahead – use your smartphone scanner and see if it works for you (you should end up at a Louis Vuitton website, for better or for worse). If your scanner app won’t read… Continue reading Customizing QR Codes

Super Bowl Ads: Winners and Losers

My winners: The VW “Little Darth Vader” ad and the Chevy Silverado “Timmy’s where…?” ad. My losers: GoDaddy.com’s teaser and the Groupon ad with Timothy Hutton. My sentimental favorite: the full-length version of the Jack Ingram’s HEB ad (was that a national ad, or just aired in Texas?). Overall, I thought this was one of… Continue reading Super Bowl Ads: Winners and Losers

Super Bowl: Fourth Quarter

OK, maybe concerned that you might be caught in the celebration. Green Bay wins the big one. OK, maybe just a little angsty. If you’re a Bayou Verde fan, you should be very, very worried right about now. “Desert and Mirrors and Teacher” – Camaro: Love the car more than the ad. Ant Rating: “I… Continue reading Super Bowl: Fourth Quarter

Super Bowl: Third Quarter

So much for a quick-moving quarter. *yawn* Oh, the most exciting play in professional football: a challenge from the sideline! The best thing about the third quarter is that it’s passed quickly. “Eminem in Detroit” – Chrysler: Inspiring? Uh, how ’bout insipid? Inscrutable? Ant Rating: “Funky Bistro with Adrian what’s-his-face” – Stella Artois: Singing to… Continue reading Super Bowl: Third Quarter