Random Thursday: Pictures and Words and Stuff

Howdy there, y’all. Today is National Mutt Day, and it’s also National Fritters Day, which is appropriate since fritters are the mutts of the food world. And it’s doubly appropriate because this blog is considered to be the fritter of the blogosphere. Today we’re exploring the wonderful worlds of Hallmark Christmas movies, the opening of… Continue reading Random Thursday: Pictures and Words and Stuff

Random Thursday: The Tuesday Edition

It’s been awhile since we’ve published a Random Thursday article [Ed–After reviewing this, it’s obvious that it hasn’t been long enough.] Trapping Fails Following a very quiet winter and early spring in which I actually contemplated the notion that I had trapped out the nuisance wildlife population in our immediate neighborhood. Lately, however, our game… Continue reading Random Thursday: The Tuesday Edition

“The Hobbit” – A Short Review

Note: There are spoilers below, but not until after the heading that cleverly reads “Spoilers Ahead.” Just so you know. We caught a matinee showing of the first episode of The Hobbit trilogy today at the Palladium IMAX theater in San Antonio (located at The Rim shopping center, near Fiesta Texas). We elected to see… Continue reading “The Hobbit” – A Short Review

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Fun with Office Supplies

Perhaps I’m easily impressed and/or amused, but I had no idea until I went back into the world of corporate dronage that the Liquid Paper I grew up with had been replaced by cool correcting tape that’s applied with a dispenser filled with all kinds of rollers and gears and semi-circuitous pathways. Anything worth engineering… Continue reading Fun with Office Supplies