3D Movie a No-Show

Ha…a “no-show.” Get it? Movie. No-show. I kill myself, sometimes. I’m sure you’re no more surprised than I was when we couldn’t get the 3D DVD to work in our setup last night. It was a comedy of errors, although we needed a laugh track because I certainly wasn’t giggling. First, I couldn’t find our… Continue reading 3D Movie a No-Show

3D TV might be 1D too many

As I may have mentioned before, for our Christmas gift to each other Debbie and I bought a new Samsung LCD/LED TV. It’s got a lot of bells and whistles, including built-in WiFi and that great edge-to-edge picture that makes it look like movies are literally coming out of the woodwork. And it’s also got… Continue reading 3D TV might be 1D too many

Movie Review: “Cowboys and Aliens”

Note: This review contains no plot spoilers. We went to see the highly anticipated (well, by us, anyway) Cowboys and Aliens this afternoon, despite the lukewarm review in this morning’s newspaper. I don’t necessarily ignore movie reviews, but I have found that I often disagree with professional critics when it comes to science fiction. Perhaps… Continue reading Movie Review: “Cowboys and Aliens”

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Movie product placements new? Not hardly.

I streamed the first 50 minutes of Gog* today via Netflix, during my workout. This movie debuted in 1954 to widespread yawns, for many good reasons, but it does provide some unintentionally campy moments. The plot of the movie surrounds some apparent acts of sabotage taking place at a top secret government research facility (I… Continue reading Movie product placements new? Not hardly.

Zombie Movie Posters

The dismayingly prolific Neatorama website has an e-commerce arm called, appropriately enough, the Neatoshop, and I just discovered that it has an entire section devoted to classic movie posters that have been reworked with a zombie theme. While I’m pretty sure you-know-who wouldn’t consent to my hanging any of these on our walls (she can… Continue reading Zombie Movie Posters

Crippled Netflix App (Why, o why?)

Netflix is rapidly becoming the Service We Hate But Can’t Live Without. I’ve previously documented my complaint about the woeful lack of streaming movies, compared to the company’s DVD offerings, but grudgingly admit that there are some external causal factors at play. However, the latest incarnation of Netflix’s iOS app was apparently built without regard… Continue reading Crippled Netflix App (Why, o why?)

Movie Night at La Casa

We were still fighting colds last night and we used that as an excuse to brew some Keurig coffee (Donut Shop Decaf for her; Caribou regular for me) and stream a couple of movies (Netflix via Apple TV, if you care about things like that. And you should. The technical details are crucial to the… Continue reading Movie Night at La Casa

Netflix No DVD Plan: What’s Missing

We’ve just switched our Netflix plan from the “3 DVDs out at-a-time” plan to the “Watching instantly (no DVDs)” plan, thereby saving money ($19.99/month vs. $7.99/month). We don’t watch enough movies on DVD to make the rental plan worthwhile. If Netflix has disclosed how many movies and TV program episodes it has available for “instant… Continue reading Netflix No DVD Plan: What’s Missing

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