Cruising the Interwebz

Note: This is an old timey blog post, the kind you might have read in the early Oughts, where people were still sharing interesting finds on the web. It’s not done much anymore. I’m not sure why. I’ve been accumulating links over the past few weeks, primarily from Twitter but also from some random exploring… Continue reading Cruising the Interwebz

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You Ninja, Yu

Scott Chaffin is one of my blogger heroes; The Fat Guy would be on my list of Blogs I’d Pick If Stranded On A Farm-to-Market Road Between Quitaque and Turkey (that’s in Texas, ya’ll). He writes with a deceptive country-boy self-deprecation that completely fails to obscure a wicked wit, sharp intellect, and laser-focused insight. He… Continue reading You Ninja, Yu

More Recursive Searches

I got to thinking about yesterday’s post and decided I probably gave Google short shrift regarding its placement of its competitors in the results for a search on “search.” After all, if someone comes to your search engine and searches for “search,” chances are pretty good that your service isn’t really the one they’re looking… Continue reading More Recursive Searches

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Sliding Into Place

This is for anyone who’s ever struggled to parallel park, as if we needed yet another reason to feel inadequate. This attempt set the world record for tightest parallel parking (is there anything for which a world record can’t be established?), said record measured by the clearance between vehicles. This attempt was 26cm. However, according… Continue reading Sliding Into Place

Rocking the Boat

Twisted Sifter’s Friday Shirk Report is a guilty pleasure, a weekly compilation of 20 amusing (usually) images, 10 fascinating (usually) articles, and 5 interesting (usually) videos. The following caught my eye in this week’s report.  I’ve never spent much time considering how new ships are launched, beyond the traditional smashing of the champagne bottle against… Continue reading Rocking the Boat