Cruising the Interwebz

Note: This is an old timey blog post, the kind you might have read in the early Oughts, where people were still sharing interesting finds on the web. It’s not done much anymore. I’m not sure why.

I’ve been accumulating links over the past few weeks, primarily from Twitter but also from some random exploring I’ve done on my own. Here are some of them you might find worth checking out.
  • There’s a guy named Bob Buckter who paints ladies. It’s not what you think. He colorizes Edwardian and Victorian houses, and the results are stunning. Here’s a gallery of some of his work; the before-and-after comparisons are particularly striking. But the obvious question is…who do you get when the need for repainting inevitably rolls around?
Closeup of painted house
  • I mentioned Twitter above. Twitter gets a bad rap, primarily from people who either have never used it, or never figured out how to use it properly. Here’s a hint: pick who you follow on Twitter according to your hobbies and interests. You might then be surprised at its usefulness. But enough of the soapbox; if you use Twitter, you might find interesting. Granted, it’s a hipster website (do we really need to see worldwide Twitter activity in realtime?), but it’s also a very pretty one. And the world needs more pretty websites.

    Are you as shocked as I am that the interior of Africa has apparently not discovered the joy of the tweet? But see that pinpoint in West Texas? Guess who. Uh huh.

Closeup of painted house
  • At great expense to my emotional stability, I have resisted the urge to join the Johnny “Call Me Johnny Football But Only After You Allegedly Pay Me Some Money” Manziel imbroglio. And I’m still not going to waste valuable pixels at this point; I’m sorta over JFFM, especially after his parents tried to go all medieval on my alma mater. My message to them is simple: Don’t blame A&M for your deficient parenting skills, mom and dad. You’re the Chief Enablers of his ingrained penchant for boorish behavior. And read this article.
  • For those for whom one or two pictures of your awesome burrito at Freebirds just aren’t enough, there’s SnappyCam, a $.99 app that lets you use your iPhone 5 to take 20 full resolution photos per second. Even if you have an old-and-busted version like the iPhone 4S, you can grab 12 frames per second, according to this review on PetaPixel (which, by the way, is a recommended follow on Twitter for anyone interested in photography – @petapixel). 
SnappyCam screenshot

  • Speaking of photography, whatever you think it might be like to be the official presidential photographer, you’re probably wrong. PetaPixel (there you go again) has a great interview with Dubya’s photographer, Eric Draper. I had no idea his access was basically 24/7, which had to be simultaneously exciting and, well, creepy. 
George W. Bush and the First Lady

  • Finally, I can’t resist throwing in a bike video. These guys have developed a shaft-drive recumbent, for reasons I don’t fully understand (heavier? yep. more complicated? check. more expensive? you bet.), other than that’s what engineers do. But they’re still cool-looking bikes, and the world could do worse than have more cool-looking bikes.