Staggering through the Blogosphere

Hey, I know! Let’s pretend like it’s 2006, back when bloggers still linked to each other and stuff. Kewl, huh?

  • My pal Scott over at The Fat Guy is doing heroic battle with the Big C, and will definitely kick its butt. He’s also finding time between rounds of chemo to identify silly stuff that you suspected was going on, but never took the time to confirm. [Update — much later: Scott battle with cancer ended on a sad note a few years ago. RIP, buddy.]
  • My favorite NoDak blogger, Julie of Lone Prairie fame, not only has tips for the “creatively challenged” (also known on this blog as “everyday life”), she even has a worksheet for it. Go forth and be unblocked. (Sorry for the laxative image. It was purely unintentional.) [Update — much later: Julie’s no longer blogging, thanks to the endless trollery that takes a toll on many of us.]
  • Jen’s blog, Lintefiniel Musing, has been on my blogroll pretty much since day one. I even remember when she wasn’t married. She’s collected a whole family now, but she still manages to keep writing, a happy circumstance indeed. Love those book, TV, and movie reviews/previews. [Update — much later: Jen’s no longer blogging either, but for different reasons. She’s kept the old site up, however.]
  • Closer to home…just down the street from you, in fact…is George Johns, a Midlander who keeps his finger on the pulse of the wild and wacky times in West Texas. His latest Sleepless in Midland post is about the importance of using Redbox video rentals to quantify important demographic and sociological issues.
Hey, this was kinda fun; let’s try it again, real soon.