A little of this, a bit of that…

In the past, this would be a Random Thursday post, but posting has been so random lately that Thursday no longer wanted to be associated with it.

First, the obligatory back yard hummingbird photo. The little guys will soon be leaving for southern climes, so let’s enjoy them while we can.

Photo - Hummingbird and shadow on wall

I’ve heard a lot of chatter today about the truck tailgate decal depicting a woman apparently being kidnapped. I agree that it’s in poor taste, but there’s poor taste and there’s this:

Photo - Truck door decal - driver on toilet

There are some beautiful blogs out there that manage to get by without a word. But, then, a picture is worth…well, a bunch of them. Take this one, for example, created and maintained by Azerbaijani designer Samir Sadikhov. It’s simple a series of photos and illustrations, without context, selected apparently because Mr. Sadikhov found them remarkable in some way. You’ll have to click around a bit to find where the images originate and some additional information about them. Think of it as online exploring.

And what, you might ask, can we expect from a designer from Azerbaijan? Well, how about an Aston-Martin concept car?

Photo - Aston-Martin Concept Car

Speaking of beautiful blogs, this tumblr has one of the best collections of photos, illustrations, and animations you’ll find in one place…and, again, no words to get in the way. Navigation tip: click on an image to see it in isolation, then click on it again to pull up the next one. [Warning: Site contains occasional artful nudity]

I think this speaks for itself.

Zombie Muzzle Thumping Device

Photo - Sweet Potato Vine