Fair Weather Fan

I’m the world’s worst (or best, depending on your perspective) fair weather sports fan. I’m not a huge sports fan to begin with. I do have some favored teams, but I’m generally content to follow their fortunes in the newspaper or online, after the fact. I can’t remember the last sporting contest that I watched… Continue reading Fair Weather Fan

Super Bowl Thoughts

Drawing upon the documentary film Airplane!, my reaction to yesterday’s Super Bowl MMCXLVIIIXI was that I picked the wrong day to quit live-blogging the TV ads. It would have been so easy to assign the coveted Ant Ratings. There were about 30 1- or 2-Ant ads, and only two that I thought were worth watching… Continue reading Super Bowl Thoughts

The Anatomy of a Curve Ball

In honor of the World Series (which I understand is being contested now between two teams indistinguishable from Yankees, regardless of what they’re called, and thus is of absolutely no consequence to your scribe) here’s an analysis of why a well-pitched curve ball is the stuff of batters’ nightmares. The animated visual is particularly remarkable.… Continue reading The Anatomy of a Curve Ball

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Welcome to the “Lunatic Texans On Skis” Tour

I want to thank you for showing up for this press conference. It’s important that we try to set the record straight, if for no other reason than to staunch the gushing of legal fees. Now, if you’ll permit me, I’d like to make a brief opening statement, and then I’ll take some questions. Ahem…… Continue reading Welcome to the “Lunatic Texans On Skis” Tour