Fiddling Around

Debbie and I hadn’t been to a dance hall this year, for a variety of reasons, but we decided to change that last Saturday. We made plans to head down Highway 281 to Blanco, where the historic (I know; it sounds trite, but when the building has been there since 1879, that’s a pretty accurate… Continue reading Fiddling Around

A Week in the Texas Hill Country

MLB and I spent last week at Horseshoe Bay, and it turned into quite a busy time. (Important Note: The following is the equivalent of showing blurry vacation slides from that trip with your parents to Knott’s Berry Farm to captive friends who reciprocate by never coming back to your house, even when tempted by… Continue reading A Week in the Texas Hill Country

Pointy Boots

Today’s newspaper ran this AP story under the headline, “Mutant pointy boots create a craze.” When I first saw the headline, I thought, “well, so what’s new? I’ve seen lots of pointy boots on the dance floor, at country dances.” Uh, well, no. Those, my friend, are Pointy Boots. Those are “you’ll poke your eye… Continue reading Pointy Boots

Rediscovering Country

One of the unanticipated benefits of taking up ballroom dancing is the expansion of our appreciation of different types of music. While we’ve acquired the habit of judging all music we hear by the American Bandstandesque criterion of being “easy to dance to” (something that’s admittedly distracting when it occurs at church), we’ve also found… Continue reading Rediscovering Country