Road Warrior Gear

I don’t travel much on business, or conduct much business when I travel, but when I do, I have a handful of accessories that I always pack to make the trip more efficient. In addition to the usual electronics (e.g. notebook computer and iPad and associated cables and chargers), here’s what I bring:

Photo - Various pieces of road warrior gear

  • eBags backpack: I switched to a backpack from a traditional computer bag last year, and I’m never going back. Besides having a plethora of pockets and pouches for storing all kinds of gears and accessories, a backpack doesn’t scream “steal me because I have $2,000 of equipment inside!” Plus, a backpack frees up your hands for carrying suitcases or coffee.
  • Eagle Creek mesh bag: This is one of the handiest accessories I’ve run across. Everything you see in the photo (except the backpack and the table!) will fit into this three-compartment (two smaller ones are on the back side) zippered bag…along with the power adapters and cables for my laptop, phone and iPad. The mesh bag then stores nicely inside the backpack’s middle compartment.
  • Kensington notebook lock: This won’t prevent a determined burglar from making off with your computer, but it will thwart snatch-and-run thefts by passers-by who peek in while the housekeeping crew is busy leaving you those useless little soaps.
  • Nite Ize gear ties: I’ve just discovered these at REI, and I buy a pair every time I’m in a store. They’re twist ties on steroids, and their usefulness is limited only by your imagination. Plus, they’re fun to play with! They come in multiple sizes and the big ones are truly heavy duty. Bend them to use as a makeshift tripod for your compact digital camera, or a document holder when you’re typing.
  • 1-to-3 AC adapter and 12″ power cords: Hotels are getting more savvy about providing abundant AC outlets, but you still occasionally find one that just won’t accommodate all your electronic charging needs. These simple accessories multiply the available outlets, and the short power cords accommodate adapter bricks.

How about you? What are your “must have” business travel accessories?