The signs are there

A couple of signs have recently caught my eye, both of which are reminders that we live in Texas, and in a not entirely civilized part of the state at that.

The first one was on the front door of our post office…which is located about a mile from our house as the crow flies (assuming the crow flies in a straight line; I don’t really know much about their flight patterns).

Sign at the post office warning us that we could be eaten by big feline predators
An unwritten rule: Always hike with someone slower than you.

There are people in our neighborhood who claim to have spotted a mountain lion up the hill past our security gate. I’ll take their word for it; personally, I’d much rather have the occasional bobcat passing through.

Then there’s this sign.

Sign at our local hospital/sporting goods store
Y’all be in Texas now.

“So, what’s the big deal?” you’re probably thinking. “Every sporting goods store in the country has a sign like this.”

Of course. But does every hospital gift shop? Well, hoss, maybe you’ve been going to the wrong hospital.

I haven’t been in the gift shop to see exactly what kind of camo (scrubs? bandages? bedpans?) or hunting items (12 gauge needles? slingshots?) they stock. But I do find it interesting that the hospital sells hunting items but guns are not permitted on the premises.