Photo: Tiny tree frog peeking over the edge of a flowerpot
"Yes...may I help you?"

I don’t really have anything meaningful to say…

[Editor interrupts: So, what’s new?]
[Me: I thought you resigned.]
[Ed.: You missed me, didn’t you? Well, your readers did, anyway.]
[Me: ]
[Ed.: ]
[Me: Whatever. Where was I?]

…I just wanted to use that header photo for something, because it’s just so gosh-darned cute.

Oh, wait. I did get some good news this morning on the cancer front. That’s a good excuse for some Friday memes, methinks. [Ed. Please note these are not memes with Friday as the subject; they’re simply being posted on a Friday. Sorry for any disappointment you might experience as a result of unclear communications by you-know-who.]

Didn’t ZZ Top do a song about a Sharp-Nosed Dog?

Meme about a sharp-nosed dog

Now I know who moved my cheese

Meme about a cheese-eating hippo

Every. Single. [Insert favorite grawlix here]. Time.

Meme about USB insertion

The Gazette barely qualifies as “media,” much less “mainstream,” so we’ll cover pretty much anything as long as it’s not too complicated.

Meme about feral hog-riding raccoons

This is the unfortunate result when your home school is a log cabin lit by candle.

Meme about Lincoln's math

OK, no more math jokes.

Well, just one more…

Meme about a pi-thon
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