Good Sci-Fi is hard to find

OK, I’ll admit it…I’m not a frequent reader of Glenn Reynolds’ Instapundit. For one thing, he refuses to return my phone calls, even with the “special” caller ID thing I hacked worked out. And then there’s all the links he’s throwing lately toward Discoshaman and TulipGirl, whom he wouldn’t even know about without lurking for… Continue reading Good Sci-Fi is hard to find

Desert Desert Dessert

Jasmine and I were debating about whether to post about the misspelled word in a front-page headline in today’s issue of the MRT. I haven’t checked to see if the offending headline made it onto the website, but knowing Jeff McDonald, I’m sure it was corrected before it went online. Jasmine is an educator and… Continue reading Desert Desert Dessert

Reading About Writing

I hope you’ll pardon my recent lack of writing, as I’ve been too busy reading. But, the result of that reading may be more writing.I’ve just re-read Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, subtitled Some Instructions on Writing and Life. It’s a book that every writer — and by that I mean every blogger — should… Continue reading Reading About Writing

Mars…or Barsoom?

I wonder what Edgar Rice Burroughs would have made of the news that Mars is now violating our personal space. Burroughs, who died in 1950, is best known as the creator of “Tarzan,” and, indeed, even his official domain name is But this prolific author first captured my attention as a mere yout’ with… Continue reading Mars…or Barsoom?