Fun with newspapers…Evidence of blogging discovered in archaeological dig…

Wonder if anyone at the MRT will notice that in this morning’s lead story (link n/a) about City Councilpersons considering re-election, they ran a photo of Mike Bradford (the County Commissioner) instead of James Bradford (the City Councilman)? Granted, they look an awful lot alike, although Mike is taller. 😉 

 Then there’s this headline:

Guantanamo detainee tries to hang himself in 16th suicide attempt

My first thought: “This guy is really bad at this!” My second thought: “Why don’t they just let him go ahead and do it? Such determination should be rewarded!” Of course, as it turns out, the previous 15 attempts were not by this particular individual, but rather by the detainee group as a collective.

And, finally, this quote from spokesperson Sylvia Womble-Saenz (a wonderful name, by the way) for the Texas Lottery Commission:

It is totally random.

Well, rats. So much for my system, years in the making. But, I knew all along it had a fatal flaw, in that it required that I do something I’ve never tried, and that is to actually buy or otherwise acquire a lottery ticket.

It’s a miserable Saturday morning…blustery winds, drizzle, mid-40s temps. It’s been a long week, culminating in way too much time spent at the local hospital waiting the outcome of cardiac surgery on a family member. The good news is that the procedure worked perfectly and the patient is headed home and doing fine. It was another reminder of the amazing benefits of American technology coupled with caring and perceptive physicians and other medical practitioners. 

 Anyway, during one of the seemingly endless waits I began reading Biz Stone’s “Blogging: Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content.” I have a sneaky suspicion that this blogging thing might just catch on, and I want to learn more about it before the New York Times finds out about it. [Oops…too late!] I do think it’s going to be a helpful and interesting read; I’ve blown $20 in worse ways. 

 But, I’m still amazed at how many people have yet to learn about blogs. I gave a presentation about websites for non-profit organizations last Monday at a brown-bag session sponsored by the Nonprofit Management Center of the Permian Basin. About forty folks from Midland and Odessa were present, representing a wide cross section of organizations. At one point during the presentation I mentioned blogs – I forget in what context – and in response to the blank looks I perceived, I asked for a show of hands of those who knew what a blog or weblog is. Zero…zip…nada…none. I assured them that they would learn about blogs and probably sooner than later, but it was interesting to see how some things a lot of us take for granted are still filed into the category of Irrelevant Esoterica by many of our fellow citizens.