Praising the Many-Layered Golden Orb

One of the more important developments of the 20th century, ranking right up there with steel-belted radials and cordless drills, is the Texas 1015 sweet onion. Onions!This miracle of modern horticulture was developed in the early 80s by Dr. Leonard Pike at Texas A&M, and is now the “Official State Vegetable” of Texas.

Sweet onions are generally yellow and have high levels of water and low levels of pyruvic acid (the chemical that causes tears and a strong odor). There are a number of varieties of sweet onions, some more well known than others, thanks to hyperprotective regulators (think “Vidalia,” for example). But, interestingly, each and every one of those varieties can trace its lineage back to Texas sweet onions. Sorry, Georgia.

“OK,” you’re thinking, “that’s all somewhat interesting…but so what?”

Well, take a look at today’s date: October 15. 10/15. 1015. Yep…1015 onions take their name (so the story goes) from the fact that today is the ideal date for planting them.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and plant some onions. Your burger will thank you next spring!

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