Never Forget

We’ve got a lovely Memorial Day planned: 20 mile tandem ride, complete with American flag flapping in the breeze; a couple of nicely marbled ribeyes thawing on the kitchen counter, awaiting an afternoon grilling; a batch of Fredericksburg peaches (frozen from last summer but still muy delicioso) for peach shortcake; perhaps a viewing of Return of the King” on a freshly decanted DVD.

But, at the foremost of our minds, in everything we do today, will be the memory and silent appreciation for those who died to ensure that we have the freedom to enjoy this carefree existence. And carefree it truly is, compared to any other place and any other time in the history of humankind. We are blessed beyond measure, beyond comprehension…beyond merit in many cases. But some of our blessings were earned the hard way, on the battlefield by men and women who didn’t view themselves as heros, but who, in every important sense of the word, were and still are just that.

If you are an American, enjoy today. Enjoy every little and big amusement and luxury and diversion. There’s no shame in doing so. But, please take the time to count the cost paid by those who came before, and resolve not to let that cost ever be forgotten.

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