Running Shoe Lacing Patterns

In response to a comment thread from my earlier post about new running shoes, below is a scan of a flyer that Road Runner Sports includes with each shipment of shoes, showing how different lacing patterns can help solve common fit problems. I use the pattern shown for heel slippage control, and it works very well for me.

Alternative lacing patterns for running shoes

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  1. @ Jeff–that’s funny stuff.
    Lace patterns? I had no idea!
    Come to think of it, I have seen the “motivation slippage” pattern where you simply leave the shoes untied. This is my daughter’s current favorite.

  2. “What about the “Low Volume/Low Activity” pattern …?
    For that’s there’s spiderweb lacing. Nothing screams, “I’ve got plenty of time to waste” than obsessively laced footwear.
    It’s kinda tough to do sandals, though. Unless you’re wearing Roman Legionary sandals. I understand there’s a lot of centurions in Midland, so you’ve got some fashion-trend potential here.

  3. Wow – I guess my shoe store guys are even better than I thought. When I bought my first pair there, they laced them up just like in the bottom picture! The guy at the new store (where I noticed the heel-slippage problem with the new model) just did plain old lacing.
    Maybe it’s the lacing, and not the shoe.
    One more reason to go back to the other store next time.
    Thanks for the information!

  4. I perform a valuable public service, and what do I get? Comedians! 😉
    At least Brian appreciates my unflagging concern for the well-being of my readers. You’re more than welcome, amigo.

  5. hey, hey now…. this is serious stuff. I can remember a many deep meaningful discussion on how exactly a Stan Smith was to be properly laced.
    I always believed that using ultra-wide florescent yellow laces was the only way to go.

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