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  • This link comes courtesy of my aunt who lives in the greater metropolitan area of Muenster, Texas. It’s a Flash-based quiz called “The Senses Challenge” and I hope you do better on it than I did. People have been telling me for years that I have no sense, and this quiz seems to confirm that judgment.
  • A blogger from just down the street in the Gazette Neighborhood, Deb Thompson, sends a link to Gliffy.com, a service that allows you to create flowcharts, floorplans, and other simple diagrams online, and save and share them via the web. It’s in beta form at this point but it’s an interesting concept. Be forewarned, however; it doesn’t play well with versions of Firefox earlier than 1.5, as it gave me the following warning as soon as it sniffed my browser. I assume that one of the perfromance (sic) issues is loss of spelling ability.

Screenshot of warning message

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  1. Now, what would be said if the problem you ran into was related to IE instead of Firefox? Or if it were a new Windows Live beta item instead of the Gliffy beta? Either way, MS would be made out the bad guys.
    Not that we need parity in anything in West Texas. 😉

  2. Somebody’s been brooding about the new Apple TV commercials. 😉
    Either way, MS would be made out the bad guys.
    Yeah, like that’s a stretch.

  3. Who the heck are they to tell me that pineapple tastes good with soy sauce. My Ma used to serve pineapple with Mayo as a salad. Do they know better than my Ma. I don’t think so…..

  4. Yeah, those taste comparison questions seemed to be a little too much on the subjective side for my, uh, taste.
    I did get ’em right though. For whatever that’s worth.

  5. 15 of 20, although the food combinations were pure guesswork for me. I don’t like white chocolate, caviar, broccoli…
    Have a great weekend, Eric!

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