AB/T Gate Completed

Did you miss me? I’ve been berry, berry busy, working on a special pwoject to defeat those wascally wabbits, and it’s finally finished. I pwesent to you the world’s most time-consuming Anti-Bunny/Tumbleweed Gate:

Steel gate

This gate took me approximately 18,000 hours to complete, with 463 discreet steps and 139 different tools (power and other), not to mention enough steel to build a suspension bridge over a decent-sized river. But that’s not important; what’s important is that my wife’s ground cover will no longer be bunny food*, nor shall this section of our yard become the equivalent of the elephants’ graveyard for tumbleweeds.

*Unless, that is, they learn to pole vault. And, frankly, I’m a bit worried about that prospect.


  1. I had a rabbit growing up and I hate to tell you this but if your gate is waist high they can jump it. My dad built a gate that high to keep our bunnies in the yard, and it didn’t work. Hopefully the bunnies in your area think that jumping the gate isn’t worth the effort.

  2. Oh no! Don’t tell me that!
    Well, actually, the gate is taller than waist-high, and our culprits are cottontails, which I assume aren’t quite the jumpers that jackrabbits might be. I think we’ll be safe.
    But if they’re really that determined, I guess I’ll just wish them bon apetit.

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