Georgia to Maine in Four Minutes

No, I’m not referring to your teenager’s driving, I’m talking about the following video, which documents a 6-month, 2200-mile hike of the entire Appalachian Trail. [Link via Neatorama]

I found this fascinating, probably because it makes the hike look a lot easier than it probably was. It also made me wish I was retracing Kevin Gallagher’s steps…only on a high-end, full-suspension mountain bike. With hotels every 40 miles or so. And they wouldn’t have to be luxury hotels; I’m not unreasonable. Any Best Western would do.

Well, anyway, back to the video. I’ve never been on any part of the Appalachian Trail, much less walked the entire route. But the dramatic changes in topography shown in this video make me question whether it’s actually a completely linear representation of the route. In any event, I can see why the Trail is a huge attraction for outdoor enthusiasts. We could use something like this in West Texas.