A Bike Ride at Horseshoe Bay

Lots going on lately. You’d think it would generate plenty of blog fodder, and you’d be right, but my next post may be entitled “10 Ways to Keep from Writing,” because I seem to have perfected the skill of literary silence. Anyway, let it not be said that I missed an entire calendar month, because I’m slipping under the wire with this.

“This,” by the way, is some video evidence of the sort of busyness that’s kept me from blogging. I can’t honestly say that I’ve chosen poorly, for a bike ride is almost always a superior alternative to just about any other use of time, especially when it’s accompanied by the excellent scenery of the Texas Hill Country. Don’t be surprised if more of these scenes start popping up on the Gazette.

Music is by The Lost Dogs, in case you’re wondering, from their Little Red Riding Hood album.