Random Thursday: The Friday [Semi-Lockdown] Edition

Hello, fellow Gazetteers. I trust that your household pets are thus far avoiding becoming science projects. I was going to do a long post about how I’m pretty sure I had COVID-19 in the first week of February, as I suffered many of the symptoms that the CDC are now putting forth, but tested negative… Continue reading Random Thursday: The Friday [Semi-Lockdown] Edition

News You Can Use To Snooze

[Ed. note — This is actually a Random Thursday (Monday edition) post, but the author has overridden staff protests in order to use, in his words, “an ever-so-cute” headline.] First, please feel free to ignore my editor’s snarky comment, which stems from an obvious case of envy. Those who can’t write, edit. The Artwork Detective… Continue reading News You Can Use To Snooze

Apple Watch Fall Detection: Annoying…but effective

The golf cart/pedestrian path next to the low water crossing over Slick Rock Creek, just south of Highway 2147, hasn’t had water running over it since the October floods. Still, much of it stays wet thanks to the splashes from cars driving through the creek. Over time, if those puddles don’t dry out, moss and… Continue reading Apple Watch Fall Detection: Annoying…but effective

Attraction Satisfaction

Perceptive Gazette readers will recall our recent traumatic bicycle wheel failure, which necessitated the replacement of both wheels on our recumbent tandem (the rear wheel failed, but we also replaced the front one out of an abundance of caution as well as to make sure the two matched). I’m happy to report that after a… Continue reading Attraction Satisfaction

Roaming the Web

It’s been a while since we’ve wandered around the web, looking at some cool new tech. Here’s a roundup of some things that have come across my Twitter feed lately. Snap – The Flying Camera Snap, the 4K flying camera with auto-tracking, is ready for the spotlight https://t.co/Kjf4LEtTgs pic.twitter.com/LwHABEOLs9 — TechCrunch (@TechCrunch) January 8, 2016… Continue reading Roaming the Web

Hotter’N Hell 16.09

The photo shows one of the computers on our tandem bicycle following our ride this afternoon. The number in the lower left corner of the screen is the temperature in degree Fahrenheit. No, it wasn’t 10ยบ in Midland, Texas, in August; the computer is obviously not designed for hot weather as the temperature readout only… Continue reading Hotter’N Hell 16.09