TDF 2009

The Tour de France begins this weekend, and some of us are ecstatic to have Lance back in the spotlight. Will he win? That’s not the point.

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Brazing Huffy

Wherein the blogger contemplates the ruination of one bicycle frame in order to possibly ruin another, much more expensive one.

Riding in the Tour de Wino

MLB and I recently traveled 110 miles southwest to Fort Stockton, where the annual HarvestFest celebration was taking place. The attraction of this event to us came in the form of a bike ride to the Cordier Estates winery located 26 miles east of town, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. This sounded interesting… Continue reading Riding in the Tour de Wino

Easter Hill Country Tour – April, 2004

[Editor’s Note: The following post is the longest by far of any published on the Gazette. At 4,000 words, it violates the most basic tenet of blogging: keep it short and to the point. I apologize in advance for imposing this endless travelogue upon you. Perhaps the photos that accompany it will ease some of… Continue reading Easter Hill Country Tour – April, 2004