Slow ride; fast video – Cycling in Horseshoe Bay

It’s been a while since I posted a time lapse bike ride video. I realize most of you have little interest in these short movies, unless you like to ride vicariously through some [mostly] pretty scenery. But some of you may live in Horseshoe Bay and for you I issue the challenge of identifying the route we take on this particular ride.

As hints I will say that the ride begins and ends in Pecan Creek, and winds through HSB proper. Other than that, you’re on your own to figure out where we go.

If you’re a cyclist, you might have noticed — perhaps with a bit of envy — how few vehicles we encountered during this 18 mile jaunt through a town in the middle of the afternoon. Granted, most of the route was on residential streets (about 3 miles was on a ranch-to-market road that is pretty heavily traveled, but it has a very wide shoulder and a 45-mph speed limit) and the one-photo-per-30-seconds video capture may not always accurately represent overall reality, but this dearth of traffic is actually the standard scenario. It does make for pleasant cycling experiences.

If the one-second-per-scene video didn’t provide enough context to map out our route, here’s the Relive video provided by MLB showing an aerial view of the course.

Note that we refer to this particular route as our flat ride. We have another one that winds through Horseshoe Bay West, and if you’ve ever been in that area, you’ll know why it’s our “hilly ride.”

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