Some Pictures, Old & New

Photo - Scene from a hotel window

Here are some images I created (with one exception). I think all but one of them have previously appeared somewhere, sometime, on either my website or my Instagram page (which I’m intentionally neglecting).

Photo - Black & white image of sun rays shining through clouds
Sun Rays – Midland, TX
Photo - Railroad track
Railroad track – Fort Stockton, TX
Photo - Mouse skull
Mouse skull – Midland, TX
Photo - Trees in a cemetery
Cemetery trees – Fort Stockton, TX
Photo - White thunderhead and black bird
Black sky/white cloud/black bird – Midland, TX
Photo - Face of a brown bug
Bug face, Horseshoe Bay, TX
Photo - Hotel courtyard in spring
Hotel courtyard, San Antonio, TX
Photo - Drilling rig
Drilling rig, Upton County, TX
Photo - Bee swarm
Bee swarm, Midland, TX
Photo - Girl with handgun
Girl with gun, Midland, TX
Photo - Light bulb
Light bulb, Midland, TX
Photo - Sunset in Maui
Sunset, Maui, HI
Photo - Stream of water flowing through snow
Stream and snow, Midland, TX
Photo - Highly stylized landscape
Alien landscape, Guadalupe Peak, TX
Photo - Tree viewed from a drone
Drone’s eye view, Horseshoe Bay, TX
Photo - Sand sculpture of Elon Musk's head on a rocket
Elon Musk in sand, South Padre Island
(Photo courtesy of Sam Canon)

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    1. Thanks, Sally…glad you enjoyed them! (There are more where those came from. 🤗)

      Fort Stockton does have a lot of photogenic subjects, and, as you say, a lot of them are familiar to those of us who grew up there. I just like to put a different spin on them when I can.

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