Some Pictures, Old & New

Photo - Scene from a hotel window

Here are some images I created (with one exception). I think all but one of them have previously appeared somewhere, sometime, on either my website or my Instagram page (which I’m intentionally neglecting).

Photo - Black & white image of sun rays shining through clouds
Sun Rays – Midland, TX
Photo - Railroad track
Railroad track – Fort Stockton, TX
Photo - Mouse skull
Mouse skull – Midland, TX
Photo - Trees in a cemetery
Cemetery trees – Fort Stockton, TX
Photo - White thunderhead and black bird
Black sky/white cloud/black bird – Midland, TX
Photo - Face of a brown bug
Bug face, Horseshoe Bay, TX
Photo - Hotel courtyard in spring
Hotel courtyard, San Antonio, TX
Photo - Drilling rig
Drilling rig, Upton County, TX
Photo - Bee swarm
Bee swarm, Midland, TX
Photo - Girl with handgun
Girl with gun, Midland, TX
Photo - Light bulb
Light bulb, Midland, TX
Photo - Sunset in Maui
Sunset, Maui, HI
Photo - Stream of water flowing through snow
Stream and snow, Midland, TX
Photo - Highly stylized landscape
Alien landscape, Guadalupe Peak, TX
Photo - Tree viewed from a drone
Drone’s eye view, Horseshoe Bay, TX
Photo - Sand sculpture of Elon Musk's head on a rocket
Elon Musk in sand, South Padre Island
(Photo courtesy of Sam Canon)


  1. I love these pics! Thanks for sharing. I have a new website coming online soon. I’ll post when it’s fired up.

  2. Eric, these are amazing! Thanks for sharing them. The railroad tie and the cemetery trees bring back great memories.

    1. Thanks, Sally…glad you enjoyed them! (There are more where those came from. 🤗)

      Fort Stockton does have a lot of photogenic subjects, and, as you say, a lot of them are familiar to those of us who grew up there. I just like to put a different spin on them when I can.

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