Again With The Memes?

You guys seemed to like yesterday’s meme-centric post, with people numbering in the high severals checking in. I may perhaps be reading too much into this phenomenon, but I don’t want to miss surfing this big wave of interest, so here’s one more set of memes to help you ease into the weekend.

And unlike yesterday’s potpourri, this post has a theme: music. Rock on!

Will it be a fickle Ford, a cheating Chevy, or a recreant Ram?

Photo - Truck Bites Man Song

Tchaikovsky: The Original Heavy Metal Composer

Photo - Cannons in the Orchestra

And you thought fractions were hard

Photo - Weird Music Score Time Signatures

Wonder where the tympani comes in…?

Photo - Bathroom designed around drums

More bathroom humor (and this one obviously belongs to a guy, IYKWIM)

Photo - Bathroom with a piano

And you thought that bookcase — excuse me…KALLAX — was tough.

Photo - Instructions for assembling a bass guitar from IKEA

Your next ear worm nightmare

Photo - Jimmy Cracked Corn to great disinterest

If you get it, you get it. Otherwise, just roll with it.

Photo - The incredible Rick Ashley Paradox

What do you do in Norway when your sundial doesn’t work at night?

Photo - Loki plays the sax at 2am and no one is amused

TBH, handbells are never a good idea. But, hey, that’s just me. And snakes.

Photo - Snake Handbells: Whose lame idea?