Seeking Silence

I solved a tricky little problem today and want to document it in case anyone else encounters it. But first, some background. Our ballroom dance club is trying something different at our March dance. Up to now, we’ve always had live music, and that tradition will continue. But, for a variety of reasons, we’re going… Continue reading Seeking Silence

My Geeky Valentine

This is what happens when two gadget freaks hook up. For Valentine’s Day, I gave my wife the obligatory box of Godiva chocolates…and an iPod nano that she could mount on a wrist strap and use as a casual watch. In turn, she gave me a ZaggMate iPad case with built-in Bluetooth keyboard. The ZaggMate… Continue reading My Geeky Valentine

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Local columnist claims a Mac “virus” ate his Facebook

Matt Saxton is the Midland Reporter Telegram’s news editor and he regularly authors a column. Today’s column documents what he calls a virus that attacked his computer and wreaked havoc with his Facebook account. He makes a specific point that he uses a Mac, and that the virus accessed his Keychain account, which is the… Continue reading Local columnist claims a Mac “virus” ate his Facebook

The baddest geek in the ‘Bucks

So, I stumbled across this – a mock-up of an add-on iPhone QWERTY keyboard – and while it’s somewhat interesting in concept, it’s still far from an ideal solution for those who can’t seem to master the phone’s tiny virtual keyboard. But it made me wonder whether the iPhone plays well with the dockable keyboard*… Continue reading The baddest geek in the ‘Bucks