The Gazette Has a New Member of the Publishing Team!

A few weeks ago, I made a life-changing decision and I’ve been dealing with the implications the past few days. That decision? I ordered a new desktop computer, and I’ve been slogging through the process of attempting to re-create my decades-long work processes on it. If that sounds overly dramatic, you need to understand that… Continue reading The Gazette Has a New Member of the Publishing Team!

Seagate Announces 1st 3TB Hard Drive

You don’t really need to be a certified geek to appreciation the implications of a three terabyte hard drive priced under $300. That’s about a 50% increase over the previous maximum capacity, and enough storage to hold over 400,000 songs. Or you could store a hundred Blu-Ray movies (at 30 gigabytes each). Unfortunately, many computers… Continue reading Seagate Announces 1st 3TB Hard Drive

My Usual Great Timing

My new MacBook Pro was delivered last Thursday, April 8th. Apple announced its new MacBook Pro lineup today, meaning that I got to use the new computer for almost five days before it became obsolete. OK, that’s a little dramatic. In reality, Apple didn’t do much to the 13″ model (which is what I ordered)… Continue reading My Usual Great Timing

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The Evolution of Resolution (or, Getting A Big Honkin’ Monitor)

My new computer monitor arrived late yesterday via FedEx (and, by the way, I’d like to know why our neighborhood seems to be The. Very. Last. Destination. for FedEx deliveries) and I immediately neglected plans to do some much-needed housekeeping in order to get it connected and configured. It’s a 24″ Dell* display, and it… Continue reading The Evolution of Resolution (or, Getting A Big Honkin’ Monitor)

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Proof of Microsoft’s Success

Update: I’m been taken to task for unfairly maligning Windows 7, the final version of which is far superior to the beta version depicted below. In the final version, Hitler’s mustache also jiggles. Via xkcd:

Stalking the wily petabyte

I can remember when an 80 megabyte hard drive was an extravagant, four-figure upgrade to a computer. I remember being blown away in 1998 when I learned that Microsoft’s TerraServer project contained one terabyte of data. Today, I’ve got three terabytes (that’s ~3,000 gigabytes) of storage scattered among a handful of internal and external drives,… Continue reading Stalking the wily petabyte

Small {Apple} World

You’ve heard of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? This is way cooler, especially if you’re a Mac person.