Guns n’ Posole

I bought another gun today. I took my 14 year old nephew to Wally World and we checked out a couple of cheapo .22 rifles, looking for something he can use for target practice and general plinking while visiting his granddad in Fort Stockton. We settled on a Savage Mark-II, which came complete with a… Continue reading Guns n’ Posole

Veteran’s Day Thanks

I thought about this all day, and didn’t decide until now to act on it. I don’t normally write about family members in much detail, in consideration of their privacy. But I think my dad won’t mind my sharing a bit about him and his wartime experiences on this Veteran’s Day 2003. He was in… Continue reading Veteran’s Day Thanks

Fire Ant Information

If you’re one of the several visitors who come here each day via search engines, looking for information about fire ants, you need to know that this is not that kind of website. But, as a public service, I offer this link to Texas A&M’s fire ant control program and resources. This is a world-class… Continue reading Fire Ant Information

You can call me The Drooler

Wlel, rlaseedrgs of waht the rrptoees form the eahdgges who do rceesrah at Cmiadgbre Uieestrnvy pprruot to raeevl, the oedrr of ltretes in wdors is iapnmrott to ciigtoonn. Saw a headline in this morning’s sports section: “Replacing Emmit Smith a lot harder than it seems.” Overlooking the fact that it makes no sense, the main… Continue reading You can call me The Drooler

Pickin’ and Grinnin’

My blogger pal Scott is thinking about taking up the guitar. I’ve lent him some advice based on my extensive experience as a perpetual beginning guitarist. However, my experience is probably not applicable to anyone else in the world, as I am undoubtedly the strangest guitar player wannabe in the history of plucked instruments. First,… Continue reading Pickin’ and Grinnin’