Neighborhood Nature (Pt. 5)

Editor’s note: The Editorial Board here at the Gazette has grudgingly come to accept that rudimentary animations in the form of gifs — pronounced with a soft “g” — must be tolerated, much as one tolerates the annoying-but-inescapable social behavior of toddlers and politicians. That said, the Board has put strict limits on the use… Continue reading Neighborhood Nature (Pt. 5)

Neighborhood Nature (Pt. 4): Circle of Life Edition

I don’t know whether it’s because we’ve been stuck at home more this year, but I’ve noticed more evidence than ever before that spring in our neighborhood is a matter of life and death…and I’m not talking about COVID-19 at all. If the Circle of Life was unrolled and laid flat in a trend line,… Continue reading Neighborhood Nature (Pt. 4): Circle of Life Edition

Frickin’ Frass

Re: the post title — pardon my French. Except in this case, “frass” is actually German. As long as we’re on the subject of disgusting worm-related phenomenon, lately we’ve been dealing with an infestation of walnut caterpillars on our pecan trees. It’s bad enough that they’re not abiding by their names — no one in… Continue reading Frickin’ Frass