Some Pictures, Old & New

Here are some images I created (with one exception). I think all but one of them have previously appeared somewhere, sometime, on either my website or my Instagram page (which I’m intentionally neglecting). Sun Rays – Midland, TX Railroad track – Fort Stockton, TX Mouse skull – Midland, TX Cemetery trees – Fort Stockton, TX… Continue reading Some Pictures, Old & New

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Got Yat Yet?

Do we live in a wonderful time or what?! — P.T. Barnum (probably, if he weren’t, you know, dead) Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal introduced me to the newest kraze that all the kool kidz are jumping on: yats. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any more outlandish than NFTs…they somehow manage to do… Continue reading Got Yat Yet?

The Future of the Gazette (TL:DR — Changing, but not leaving)

I recently alluded to some potential changes to the Fire Ant Gazette, said changes to be made in response to a black hat hack of a number of files that permitted the bad guys to install phishing software. This was a Very Bad Thing, and resulted in the suspension of my website hosting account until… Continue reading The Future of the Gazette (TL:DR — Changing, but not leaving)

The transition begins…

This is a placeholder post while I try to figure out how to bend WordPress to my will. I don’t know if I’ll keep that drop cap thing; I’ll be experimenting with a lot of different style options, and some won’t make the grade. The drop cap seems a bit pretentious, doesn’t it? One thing… Continue reading The transition begins…

Random Thursday: The Exaggerated Death Reports Edition

I’m baaaaacccckkkkk! I started to ask you to raise your hand if you went through the five stages of grief when you discovered the Gazette was offline and possibly deceased, but then I realized that the response would probably send me down the path of those five stages all over again. You might think that… Continue reading Random Thursday: The Exaggerated Death Reports Edition