The Project Report: Making Squares

I was finally able to spend a few more hours on The Project, with the following outcome:

Photo of steel framework

If you look closely, you’ll notice that I abandoned my initial strategy of beveling the ends of the tubing to make nice seams. I might have continued with that approach if the resulting seams had actually been nice, but they weren’t so I’m not and I’ve decided, in true making-lemonade-from-squashed-and-mutilated-lemons fashion, that I’ll be able to use the open ends of the tubing to store stuff. And no, I don’t know what; that’s not even important so don’t worry about it.

Despite the appearance in the photo, the frame is about as square as an Escher print. But it’s strong and acquiring roughly the same shape as my blueprint and at the end of the day, I’m satisfied with it.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments. But first, I have to find some expanded metal grating, which may be a challenge.


  1. I’ve been keeping up as we travel to Montana and back. Project looks great! I really like the way that wire welder lays a bead.
    Michael will be going ski diving tomorrow.
    Indoor ski diving so don’t worry. Going to take an extra day of Vac.

  2. despite your kind words, I really am a rank amateur in metalworking.

    Well, then I’m even more impressed. That shark cage you’re making looks pretty well-done for a “rank amateur.”

  3. Looks good! But what happened to all those mitered ends that you cut? Is this project smaller than the original plans? Maybe you can put dried flowers into those open ends. 😉

  4. Gene, glad you guys made it back OK (well, I assume so, anyway); we thought you were due in on Saturday. Anyway, I’m not even going to let you see The Project up close; it would be like me playing Chopsticks for Van Cliburn!
    Denise, everyone knows that you put the velcro on AFTER the welds fail!
    “Shark cage” — That’s what I’m talkin’ about. 😉
    Gwynne, I will use all of the mitered pieces…I’m just not making any more of them. The flower thing is a good idea, and would be even better if I had a VW Bug to park in the garage next to The Project.

  5. Looks good from here – did you just happen to find the exact angle that makes the box look square? Cause it looks really square.
    Now, are you making endless staircases to go into it? If so, I want to come play, that’s my favorite of Escher’s things that I wish existed in real life.

  6. Beth, I cleverly computed those angles through a mixture of black arts and complex calculus. That, and knowing that 2 45 degree cuts = 1 90 degree joint. 😉
    Thanks a lot, Lyle. You’ve now forced me to fill those open tubes with cyanide-laced concrete, which will of course necessitate a complete revision of the engineering of the whole dang project.
    Oh, wait. I didn’t engineer anything to begin with. Never mind.

  7. It’s a framed container which defines a space containing atmosphere of the very same make-up as the atmosphere outside the frame. You know, sort of a “zen” thing. Then…it could be something else and more than likely is….

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