The Project Report: On a Roll

The next step on The Project was to attach the casters, so I can roll the whole shootin’ match around the garage, as needed. I picked up four wheels at Home Depot and welded them to the bottom of the frame:


You can also see the metal flat welded across the bottom of the main compartment, and — if your eyes are sharp — a couple of small tabs on the bottom rail farthest* from the camera. The flat and the tabs will serve as attachment points for the expanded metal floor for that compartment.

I realize that it appears that I haven’t made much progress since the last report, but the lack of progress is in my reporting, not the construction. I’ve made excellent progress, to the point where I’m actually using the device for its intended purpose, even though there’s still some major additions left to be done. I’ll try to put up another report over the weekend so that you can sit in awe of my ode to the manly art** of metalworking.

*I refer to you Garner’s Modern American English for a thorough and definitive explanation of why “furthest” wasn’t chosen for this mission, despite my initial inclination to do so.

**Although, I must admit that it sort of ruins the effect when, in the midst of flying sparks and the crackle of the welder, the iPod playing over the powered speakers in the garage serves up It’s My Party by Lesley Gore. At least it was quickly followed by Hendrix doing Voodoo Child.


  1. It’s My Party and Voodoo Child? While sparks are flying? Classic. 😉
    What I’d really like to know is, is that your garage? And if so, did you photoshop out all of the clutter normally associated with garages because it looks like you could perform surgery in there.

  2. We do have a pretty tidy garage. In fact, a good portion of my project work time is dedicated to hauling out everything I need for the job, and then putting it up and cleaning up afterwards.
    We seem to be one of the few households in our neighborhood that actually uses its garage for, you know, parking cars. (What a concept!)
    I had a client who once told me that he wanted to drop something by the house for me to work on, but I was never home. I told him that I was always home. He replied that everytime he drove by the house, there were no cars in the driveway, so he just assumed we weren’t there. 😉
    But, back to your original observation, I’m not one of those guys who has painted his garage floor and keeps it polished and all that. The main reason I keep it clean and picked up — besides wanting to park the cars — is to keep our bicycle tires from picking up anything nasty.

  3. Love your blog, Eric. I would not have noticed the difference between further and farther in the context used, but did anyone else comment on the typo on your entry about the snake movie? I expected to see it corrected when I checked back in today. Fire Ant Gazette is one of my must reads each day, sometimes several times a day, and normally I just read and chuckle, but I’ve not seen a typo before – maybe it was meant to be witty and went over my head?

  4. And here I thought you were heading toward “The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys.”
    I don’t have a single cut of Traffic in my collection. Not sure why. Just don’t.
    I’m still awaiting an explanation of why “fartherest” wasn’t used.
    Um…because it’s not a word? 😉

  5. maybe it was meant to be witty and went over my head?
    *sigh* I hate having to explain my jokes. See, “starts” are the reactions people have when they’re surprised by snakes in unexpected places, so…
    No, it was a typo. 😉
    That would explain the strange (or so I thought) comment someone left.
    I’m pretty good at proofing what I write, but I have to admit that I OFTEN forget to proof the post titles. That’s not the first time I’ve made a glaring error that blinded everyone but me. Thanks for pointing it out (or making me go look for it). 😉
    Glad you enjoy the Gazette, Nancy. Keep on keeping me on my toes!

  6. So, do you sing along while you listen to your Hendrix/Gore mix?
    You don’t really want to know the answer to that.
    Denise, the next photo I post will clear up that mystery.

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