Tempestuous Tango

I keep getting asked when we’re going to post some video of our dancing. Well, the time has come. Kinda.

Remember this post, where I linked to a video that compressed our 22 mile bike ride into 11 minutes? I’ve done the same thing with a recent lesson – a tango lesson, to be exact. As we all know, the tango is a serious, sensuous, sophisticated, sultry sort of step. I think I’ve captured that essence quite well in the following clip. You’ll never again be able to watch True Lies with quite the same perspective.

Incidentally, this particular lesson involved fifteen different steps plus variations. Feel free to watch again and try to count them.
Dance lessons are difficult enough without having to tolerate the presence of a judgmental floor fan.


  1. I don’t know about you, but dancing with a woman for 45 minutes would be taxing, but stepping out with two ladies would leave me exhausted. You are a dancing Beast Big E.

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