Reason #437 why I’m not in public relations

So I pick up a man and his wife at the airport this afternoon; we’re interviewing him for a position. They live in Alaska (which might give you an idea of how hard it is to fill jobs here). On the way out of the airport, they’re telling me about all the wildlife in the area where they live: bears, moose, bald eagles, wolves. I respond that they wouldn’t have to deal with much wildlife around here, perhaps just a few coyotes and rattlesnakes.

I immediately sense that we’re on shaky ground.

Her: You…have rattlesnakes?

Me (hoping to defuse the situation): Oh, but don’t worry about them. The scorpions generally kill them before there’s a problem.

Her: You…have scorpions?

Me (who seems to always find another shovel when I’m in a hole): Ha-ha. *ahem* They’re not a big deal; the tarantulas keep them pretty well under control.

Her: When’s the next flight out?

This might be a little hard to explain back at the office.

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