Mileage of the Beast

This happened on State Highway 18, just south of Grandfalls, Texas.

Photo of instrument cluster
Sorry for the poor image quality. Something kept obscuring the instrument cluster, some seemingly malevolent unseen force that nonetheless was able cast a pernicious shadow wherever my phone was pointed.
Finally, either by a quirk of light or a supernatural intervention – you decide – a second photo revealed more than I really wanted to know.
Photo of instrument cluster
Ha ha. I’m just fooling with you. Satan didn’t really appear on our dashboard. It was too hot for him. The mileage is correct though. And there are a bunch of sixes in this display. Not that I ascribe any meaning to them. *spit*
For what it’s worth, I’ve put more miles in a shorter time on the Ridgeline than any car we’ve ever owned. The truck is about 4 1/2* years old, which equates to about 1,666 days…and…gulp…
*Just kiddingagain; it’s only 4 years old.
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