The Three [Armadillo] Amigos

Photo: Three armadillo siblings in a vacant lot

Alert Gazette readers will remember this video I posted about a year ago:

That video documented a chance encounter with four young armadillos (and as the zoologists and/or Texans in the audience know perfectly well, the nine-banded armadillo mommy always gives birth to identical quadruplets) close to our house.

Well, fast forward twelve months, and what do I see rooting around in the adjacent vacant lot? Yep…tres más armadillos. The whereabouts of the fourth is a mystery; I suppose he or she was still in the burrow playing video games or tockticking as kids are wont to do nowadays.

I was able to get even more up close and personal with these siblings, coming literally toe-to-nose with one of them.

I won’t be surprised if I have another encounter with one or more of these critters, but it will likely be trap-related, IYKWIM.


  1. I find armadillae fascinating. And cute, although my wife thinks I’m crazy to think so.

    I guess the whole, “I’m downwind; they can’t smell me” goes out the window as soon as a stinky sneaker becomes part of the scenario.

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