We Got Yer Cat Memes

Alien cats generated by Dall-E 2

I’ll admit right up front that I’m not a cat person. I don’t have anything against domesticated felines…I’ve just never been around them much, plus I enjoy being the second most powerful mammal in our household. I don’t need a cat to bump me further down.

I will admit, however, that cat behavior is an apparently endless source of amusement and while I often mock the plethora of cat videos on social media, I’ve also wasted invested my share of time watching them and, occasionally, LOLing. (I do the same with dog videos, so I’m an equal opportunity time waster investor.)

I do have a bunch of friends and family who are cat people, and I respect their choice of masters. As Nobel Prize laureate Bob Dylan wrote, you’re gonna have to serve somebody. This post is for you guys…you know who you are.

Disclaimer: The management and staff of the Gazette are not responsible for the consequences of viewing the following material without the express consent of your cat.

We all have to serve somebody…even You Know Who

Meme: God created cats. Cats took over.

“I’d like a window seat…and a view.”

Photo of cat lying on the back of a chair, looking out a window

It’s best to let sleeping cats lie.

Meme: Cat with mood poisoning

Told you so.

Photo of really ugly cat

Wisdom from Macatma Ghandi

Do not chase the red dot, for it is an illusion

Ignore Macatma’s wisdom at your own peril.

Lessons from the Battle of Thermeowpawlae

This is what happens when you get your cats from IKEA.

Meme: Misassembled cat

“Note: Contents may have shifted during transport”

Meme: Spare cats in a box

And you thought Cerberus was the one to watch out for…

Meme: Cute black demon cat

I had an entirely different mental picture for Cat Wranglers.

Meme: Jeans pocket for cat photos

“Laugh it up, bipedal canopener; you have to go to sleep sometime.”

Meme: Cat won't budge from couch

“Sow the wind…”

Meme: Angry kitten

“…reap the whirlwind.”

Meme: Cat playing with doorstop

And here endeth the lesson. Learn it well.

Meme: Cat staring down man trying to sleep

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  1. I will forward to my cat-loving friends. I have so many friends who love cats that I am always looking for fun cat gifts! This one is extra special.

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