Memes Going To The Dogs

Please ignore Fallen Chia Man, above. I’m drafting a stern memo to our graphics department, and I trust we won’t be subject to such a dismal attempt in the future.

I’m not sure why something going to the dogs is deemed to be a bad thing. It could be Biblical; there are a lot of verses dealing with dogs licking blood, eating food meant for children, and generally being symbols of Very Bad People. But let’s set aside derogatory metaphors for the moment, and focus on a few things that make our canine companions so gosh darned wonderful.

Alert Gazette readers will recall this post from a couple of months ago in which we celebrated the wonderful weirdness of cats. I figure it’s about time to give los perros their fair due. See if you recognize your perfectly personable pooch in any of the following memes.

Sure, this theoretically applies to cats as well, except they would never come to your lame party.
“I’m not making that mistake again…”
…and not a skunk-scented one in the bunch.
This is SUCH a stereotype…
OK…maybe not.
In that case, we wish they would run for Congress.
So close…
And, anyway, it’s your fault for having such a short dining table.
Someday, somewhere, sometime…this will work. We just know it.
Dogs always get their points across, even with substandard grammar.
Also, as far as you know, a dog created this post. The grammar may have given it away.
Does this really qualify as a meme? Probably not…but who cares?


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