A Few Photos for Your Perusal

About the header photo: Early morning skies are most dramatic when the rising sun hits clouds at just the right angle. But some clouds are of human origin…such as this contrail left by a high-flying jet.

It’s been about a month since I last devoted an entire post to photographs. Here is a handful that I’ve accumulated since then.

Photo: Winding road lined with bluebonnets and trees in Horseshoe Bay, Texas
You have my sympathy if your morning run doesn’t include scenes like this.
Photo: A bright yellow primrose bloom
I think this is a primrose of some kind, but I could be wrong. I’m not a floweratician. In any event, it’s a nice change from all those boring bluebonnets.
Photo: A patch of bluebonnets almost hidden from side on the bank of the creek
Speaking of bluebonnets, not all of them are exhibitionists. Some try to stay hidden by mingling with the undergrowth by the creek.
Photo: Our house as viewed from the opposite bank of the creek
Speaking of the creek, here’s our humble abode as seen from the other side of Pecan Creek.

We were thrilled to discover that the red-tailed hawks have returned to the big nest in the live oak down the street. This is a drone’s eye view of one incubating eggs.
Photo: 5 bird eggs in a nest constructed inside a hose bib cover
Speaking of birds and their eggs, I discovered this clutch inside one of our insulated hose bib covers. Species unknown. This is going to put a dampener on my car washing plans for a while.
Photo: Pecan tree with a thick wire cable running through its trunk
It’s hard to make out, but there’s a thick metal cable that has been swallowed up by the trunk of this massive old pecan tree. We have no idea about its original purpose.
Photo: Large pecan tree with a length of thick wire cable and a piece of tin embedded in the trunk
Here’s a closer look. The tree also absorbed a large piece of tin along with the wire cable; the cable goes in this side and exits on the other side of the trunk.


    1. To be honest, Robert, we sorta dread the warmer morning temperatures. A perfect running morning for us is around 50º and calm winds. But the scenery around here offsets a lot of discomfort!

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